Beyond the Headlines | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

13:30 pm
14:30 pm
Suter Theatre
208 Bridge Street
Crime writer Alan Carter interrogates Steve Braunias and Jared Savage, two of Aotearoa's best journalists, about their new true crime books. In Missing Persons, Aotearoa's award-winning master of non-fiction, Steve Braunias, brings to life 12 extraordinary tales of disappearance, which didn't end well: former journalist Murray Mason; the mysterious death of Socksay Chansy; the tragic disappearance of backpacker Grace Millane; the enduring mystery of the Lundy family murders and more. In Gangland: New Zealand's Underworld of Organised Crime, award-winning investigative reporter Jared Savage shines a light into New Zealand's rising underworld of criminal networks; stories which go behind the headlines and open the door to a world where millions of dollars are made and allegiances change like the flick of a switch. Chaired by Alan Carter. Thanks to HarperCollins