Book Launch | Fair Weather Hitchiker by Julia Millen

18:00 pm
19:30 pm
Unity Books
57 Willis Street
Julia Millen, The Cuba Press and Unity Books warmly invite you to the launch of Julia's memoir 'Fair Weather Hitchhiker', the third title in 2020 under the Wayfarer imprint. As a restless 17-year-old seeking fame and fortune (and romance), Julia Millen goes hitchhiking in the South Island with her cousin and two older friends. What begins as a holiday frolic becomes a survival recipe for life. After a trip to Paris, Julia’s hitchhiking adventures encompass sleeping rough in Stockholm, a traverse of Yugoslavia and almost finding love in Greece. Meeting up with a boyfriend in Naples is the beginning of a chaotic motorcycle ride and near-disaster on a plain in Spain. Intrepid New Zealand hikes, treks across the Antarctic wastes, seeing the US by pick-up truck and hitchhiking in South America completes Julia’s headlong pursuit of life and the sometimes unexpected consequences this brings.