Born to Be Wild

16:00 pm
17:00 pm
Napier War Memorial Centre
48 Marine Parade
Whales, wild pigs and kingfish, not to mention teenagers! Adele Broadbent’s new novel 'If Only' deals with the feral complexities of adolescence – the confusion, the lies, the drama – amid a backdrop of saving our marine wildlife through the organisation Project Jonah. Mary- Anne Scott’s recent books for intermediate readers send us into the bush and out to sea on pig hunting and spearfishing adventures. Adele and Mary-anne talk how familiar settings and scenarios can engage younger readers and draw them into fictional worlds that will help them make sense of their real ones. Adele Broadbent is the author of five novels for children and several educational titles in the US and Australia. Mary-anne Scott has five published novels, including Spearo (Feb 2020) and Fantastic Mr Bean (Sep 2020).