BWB Talk: Pākehā Settlements in a Māori World

17:00 pm
19:00 pm
Otago Museum
419 Great King St, North Dunedin,
'Pākehā Settlements in a Māori World' offers a vivid account of early European experience in these islands, through the fascinating evidence of the archaeological record. This new book tells the story of adaptation, change and continuity as two vastly different cultures learned to inhabit the same country. Through a rich, visual narrative, it makes the past visible in the landscape around us, enabling an understanding of complex histories in the places we inhabit. Join author Ian Smith in celebration of the publication of 'Pākehā Settlements in a Māori World', and in recognition of his long career at the University of Otago. Event details Saturday 23 November 5–6pm with refreshments from 6–7pm The Hutton, Otago Museum, Dunedin Speakers: Ian Smith, Richard Walter and words from Atholl Anderson. About the Author Ian Smith is Honorary Associate Professor in the Archaeology programme at the University of Otago. Recently retired after four decades, his work spans the life of the earliest Māori inhabitants, to the sealing camps, whaling stations and missionary settlements of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He pioneered the teaching of historical archaeology in New Zealand, and has a particular interest in the archaeology of interaction between indigenous and immigrant cultures, both locally and globally.