Dear Essayist, I like your style

09:30 am
16:00 pm
Waikanae Baptist Church Meeting Room
Te Moana Road

This course will take place over two consecutive Saturdays: August 18 and August 25.

The whole world of non-fiction is hot these days and personal essays are a big part of the buzz. Personal essays are nothing like the dreaded essays we all had to write at school or university. They are small and can be as stylish as a poem. They are a chance to take on a subject and tell the world what you think, without writing a whole book, but you can put them together and make something bigger if you like. Essays are a chance to harness the beauty of language and make something that readers will enjoy. The possibilities are endless. You can make essays beautiful, sharp, ornamental, experimental or apparently simple. You can make your essay in a style no-one has seen before.

The aim of this two-day course is to support you to write essays in a style you like. We’ll start by looking at what sort of writing each person really likes to read. We’ll take a lead from that about what style each person might enjoy writing. We will look at a few stunning essays and investigate how the author uses language, sentences and structure to make a mood or a style.

One the first day we will be building up some resources and ideas that you can bring to your essay writing. In-between the two course days each person will write a draft of an essay. On day two of the course we will workshop those so that you will take away constructive suggestions about how to develop that essay further.

This course will suit people who would like to see what is going on in the world of essays, people who haven’t ever written an essay but would like to have a try, and people who have an essay underway and would like to develop it further.

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