Double Book Launch | More Favourable Waters & Quantum of Dante

18:00 pm
19:30 pm
Unity Books
57 Willis Street
You are warmly invited to join us to celebrate the launch of 'More Favourable Waters: Aotearoa poets respond to Dante’s Purgatory' edited by Marco Sonzogni & Timothy Smith (The Cuba Press) and 'Quantum of Dante' by Marco Sonzogni (Beatnik Books). All welcome. ABOUT THE BOOKS: More Favourable Waters is an anthology of contemporary poets from Aotearoa New Zealand commemorating one of the world’s great poets, Dante Alighieri (1265–1321), 700 years after his death. Each of the 33 poets has written a poem of 33 lines inspired by and including a short passage from one of the 33 cantos of Dante’s Purgatory, the second part of his epic The Divine Comedy. Airini Beautrais • Marisa Cappetta • Kay McKenzie Cooke • Mary Cresswell • Majella Cullinane • Sam Duckor-Jones • Nicola Easthope • David Eggleton • Michael Fitzsimons • Janis Freegard • Anahera Gildea • Michael Harlow Jeffrey Paparoa Holman • Anna Jackson • Andrew Johnston • Tim Jones • Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod • Hugh Lauder • Vana Manasiadis • Mary McCallum • Elizabeth Morton • Kōtuku Titihuia Nuttall • Vincent O’Sullivan • Robin Peace • Helen Rickerby • Reihana Robinson • Robert Sullivan • Steven Toussaint • Jamie Trower • Tim Upperton • Sophie van Waardenberg • Bryan Walpert • Sue Wootton Quantum of Dante 'In order to transform a work into a cult object, you must be able to take it to pieces, disassemble it, and unhinge it in such a way that only parts of it are remembered, regardless of their original relationship with the whole'. — Umberto Eco On the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, Quantum of Dante re-presents one of the capstones of world literature - Dante’s Divine Comedy - as an opportunity for new play and celebration between form and content, language and image, text and book. Destined to become an instant cult objet d’art, this limited-edition volume openly winks to readers of English - even as it renders Dante’s classic in its original Italian. Quantum of Dante positions itself in a trivial and serious dialogue with the master’s medieval masterpiece that will surprise and amuse. A curio for the curious, a status symbol for the scholarly - and unforgettable for everyone. One might call it brilliant. ---- Marco Sonzogni is a widely published and award-winning scholar, literary translator, poet and editor. He works at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. ---- From his studio in Auckland, Ant Sang has won awards for his graphic novels and character designs. His comics have been published in the US, UK, Canada, France, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. The ant that Marco sees embedded in Dante’s name and verse has opened up a world of ants and antipodean routes! — Diego Marani What a fantastic place to find ants. This Dante book is incredibly pleasant! — Marco Dorigo Supported by Embassy of Italy Wellington, Conservatorio Di Como and Istituto Italiano Di Cultura Sydney.