Event Invitation: Talk with Anne Ingram at Alliance Francais

18:00 pm
20:00 pm
Level 3, Old Dominion Building, 78 Victoria Street
Wellington central

Bonjour Lucy Bee - for 8-12 years When Lucy goes to France for the summer holiday she is looking forward to a family reunion with French relatives. On the way from the airport they see a line of refugees on the road. Lucy immediately gets offside with her cousin Celeste who is anti-refugee and blames them for the subsequent burglary at a local chateau. When Lucy discovers a very ill young Afghan refugee, Qasim, she hides him, not realising what she is doing may be illegal. Lucy and her cousins Sylvie and Jean-Luc join their Oncle on his barge the Elisabet. Anxious about Qasim, Lucy finds a way for him to come on board. As they travel along the canals and idyllic French countryside, danger stalks close behind and Lucy is tested to the extreme. She has the adventure of a lifetime while helping Qasim find a home and discovering the truth about her cousin Jean-Luc and the art theft.