Featherston Booktown 'Words in Winter' - Alan Duff in Conversation with Peter Biggs

16:00 pm
17:00 pm
Kiwi Hall, 62 Bell Street
The opening event will be “Aotearoa New Zealand, We Need to Talk” featuring three award-winning and provocative writers held over the weekend of 27- 28 June 2020. Alan Duff, one of this country's most acclaimed writers, will be interviewed by Featherston Booktown Chair, Peter Biggs, about his recent best-selling book, 'A Conversation with My Country'. “Never one to shy away from being a whetstone on which others can sharpen their own opinions," Alan Duff tells the truth about Aotearoa New Zealand as he sees it in his latest book, "A Conversation with My Country". It's a fresh, personal account of New Zealand, now. Alan has been called one of our hardest-hitting writers. “Following "Once Were Warriors", Alan Duff wrote "Maori: The Crisis and the Challenge". His controversial comments shook the country. A quarter of a century later, New Zealand and Māoridom are in a very different place. And so is Alan – he has published many more books, had two films made of his works, founded the Duffy Books in Homes literacy programme, and endured ‘some less inspiring moments, including bankruptcy’. “Returned from living in France, he views his country with fresh eyes, as it is now: homing in on the crises in parenting, our prisons, education and welfare systems, and a growing culture of entitlement that entraps Pākehā and Māori alike.”