Find Your Way Forward creative writing retreat with Elizabeth Knox

Appleby House & Rabbit Island Huts
305 Redwood Road
Richmond 7081

Whether you are writing short fiction, a novel, or a work of creative non-fiction there is always a way in which your story will want best to be told. A writing workshop that involves peers who are generous readers is one of surest ways for a writer to find a way forward.

This creative writing retreat offers a period of intense concentration, outside your everyday life, with like-minded people who will read and discuss your work, as you read and discuss theirs - under the guidance of one of New Zealand's most experienced authors. Elizabeth Knox has written best-selling novels, science fiction, young adult (YA) fiction and is also a highly acclaimed creative non-fiction author.

The weekend will also allow for one-on-one 'story doctoring' sessions with Elizabeth. The aim of the weekend is that everyone who attends will leave with a clear feeling for how to proceed with confidence, energy, and renewed engagement.

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