Flow Generation. A Survival Guide for our unpredictable lives

18:00 pm
20:00 pm
Time Out Bookstore
432 Mount Eden Road

Remember when clouds were in the sky, phones were in the wall and work was something we ‘went to’?

Technology has changed that. Secure jobs are becoming insecure gigs. Home is where the Wi-Fi is and our boss is an algorithm. And us? We're all over the place. Unlike our parents we have no clear path to retirement.

Join co-author Vera Sprothen for the New Zealand premiere of "Flow Generation. A Survival Guide for our Unpredictable Lives" - a book that captures the spirit of our times like no other.

• How can you stay afloat when everything keeps changing faster than you can blink?

• Is security a thing of the past?

Meet people who have figured it out and a writer who's collected their stories: free-spirited job jugglers, entrepreneurial life explorers and curious career captains, who found their flow in a messy world.

Original, uplifting and peppered with a pinch of philosophy, 'Flow Generation' shows readers how to move beyond fear and brave the unknown, as we enter a future that seems more uncertain than ever – and yet it’s better than we think.


Upstairs at Time Out Bookstore 432 Mount Eden Road Auckland 1024 New Zealand


Friday, 25 October 6 - 8 pm

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