Going West

09:00 am
17:00 pm
TItirangi War Memorial Hall, and Lopdell Pricinct
500 South Titirangi Rd

For 25 years, Going West has led the way for readers' and writers' festivals in Aotearoa. Under the forested maunga of Titirangi in west Auckland, we gather most compelling, innovative and diverse group of story tellers that Aotearoa has to offer.

We're diverse. We recognise the power of the written word, and - equally - that many great stories are never written down, but may be orated, enacted, danced, sung, painted - or anything, and by anyone.

We're a single-track festival. That means everything happens in the one room. Chances are, the writer you see on stage before lunch will be sitting next to you after lunch, or maybe even *at* lunch.

And we're entirely, 100% devoted to Aotearoa literature. Our writers love that.