Going West Writers Festival - Gala Night

19:00 pm
23:55 pm
Glen Eden Playhouse
15 Glen Eden Road, Glen Eden

With a new, hard hitting book traversing his Navy-barracks upbringing, the Fijian-born Daren Kamali will be joined by percussionist Levani Vosasi; the Tongan/Aotearoa poet Karlo Mila will perform her politically charged work; and award–winning journalist Simon Wilson will address the theme of Stranded in Paradise.

Singer-songwriter Charlotte Yates will stage a significant literary/musical performance, traversing her four standout albums of New Zealand poetry-to-song. She will be accompanied by multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Show Pony and stunning songstress, Julia Deans.

The evening will be MCed by Pīta Turei and linking it all will be the Aotearoa-exclusive beats of DJ Sandy Mill.

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