Iain Sharp at Golden Bay Live Poets

20:00 pm
22:00 pm
The Mussel Inn, Onekaka
Golden Bay Live Poets is pleased to present Iain Sharp at the infamous Mussel Inn. Born in Glasgow, Iain Sharp has lived in New Zealand for more than half a century, and wrote the chapter on New Zealand for the Oxford Guide to Contemporary Writing. "I've been writing poetry for a half a century too, but in cloudbursts followed by lengthy droughts," he says. Iain has published five poetry books and appeared in Essential New Zealand Poems and other anthologies. A former editor of Landfall literary magazine, he has always been simultaneously fascinated with but sceptical of notions of identity and self-definition. This perhaps why his poem, entitled 'Iain Sharp', "ends with Iain Sharp blasted to smithereens and the debris blowing hither and thither among belief systems." Join us for an interesting evening with Iain, Open Mic poetry and live music!