Jiffy, Cat Detective by Catherine Chidgey BOOK LAUNCH

15:00 pm
17:00 pm
Poppies Bookshop
Casabella Lane 307 Barton St

Jiffy: Cat Detective By Catherine Chidgey Illustrated by Astrid Matijasevich

Jiffy: Cat Detective is the first children’s picture book from multi award-winning fiction writer Catherine Chidgey.

Told in rhyme and rhythm, this book tells the story of a family drama when Dad’s shoe goes missing. Jiffy has a very high opinion of his abilities, and as cat detective, he is on the job! For ages 3-7. ‘I’ve got to go to work,’ he cried. ‘One shoe is one too few! I have a left, I need a right – the usual number’s two.’

‘Calm down, calm down,’ said Mrs Bee. ‘Here’s what you need to do: think hard, and try to picture where last you saw your shoe.

That’s the way to find it – just recall where it was put.’ Said Mr Bee, ‘Oh, I know! It was…down there, on my foot.’

Catherine Chidgey is one of New Zealand’s best-selling fiction authors and teaches Creative Writing at Waikato University. She is available to talk about Jiffy – based on her own cat and also about making the transition and branching out into children’s writing. Astrid Matijasevich’s illustrations capture the character of this mischief cat, superbly, in bold and vivid style.

978-0-9951064-2-6 HB $30.00 Publishing in November