Launch - A Colonial Naturalist by Pamela Hyde

18:00 pm
19:30 pm
Unity Books
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Henry Suter is one of the forgotten German-speaking naturalists who made it their life’s work to discover and describe New Zealand’s flora and fauna. Leaving behind a failed business in Switzerland, Suter came to New Zealand with his wife and seven children in 1887 expecting to find employment in science. Instead, he found poverty and despair. He also found an absorbing natural environment and a vibrant scientific community. Suter never managed to secure permanent employment but found short-term work in New Zealand museums. He became a renowned naturalist discovering molluscs, spiders, lizards and botany as well as a prolific trader of items desired by overseas collectors. This book provides new insights into science in 19th and early twentieth century New Zealand by exploring the relationships between Suter, James Hector, William Colenso, Frederick Hutton, Thomas Cheeseman, Augustus Hamilton and others. It is also an intriguing story of hardship and prevailing against the odds. The book includes more than 90 images, many of which are in colour and have not been previously published.