Launch | Bus Stops on the Moon: Red Mole Days 1974-1980 by Martin Edmond

18:00 pm
19:30 pm
Unity Books
57 Willis Street

Join Otago University Press in celebrating the launch of Martin Edmond’s Bus Stops on the Moon: Red Mole days 1974–1980. Launched by Nick Bollinger and featuring performances by John G. Davies; The Republicans (Brian Potiki and Jill Walker); and Jean McAllister and Tony McMaster. Martin will be zooming from Melbourne and we'll be streaming the launch on Facebook live. Bus Stops on the Moon is a personal and cultural history. As memoir, it follows The Dreaming Land (2015). A troubled and restless young Martin Edmond is on his way to becoming the wiser, older man who will sit down and write both narratives. As cultural history, the book gives us a participant’s-eye view of the early years of Alan Brunton and Sally Rodwell’s avant-garde theatre troupe Red Mole. Stream the launch here: