Literary Taxidermy Competition 2021

09:00 am
08:00 am
Katherine Mansfield House & Garden
This year the international Literary Taxidermy competition has taken Katherine Mansfield as its muse, using the first and last lines of a Mansfield story and a Mansfield poem as the 'skin' for you to stuff with your own creative filling. Can you create a poem that begins with "My Babbles has a nasty knack / of keeping monkeys on her back." And ends with "What did she have for evening tea?" These lines are from Mansfield's poem 'The Black Monkey'. Or a short story that begins with "I do not know why I have such a fancy for this little café." And ends with "They remind me somehow, disgustingly, of mushrooms." These lines are from the full version of Mansfield's story 'Je ne parle pas français'. Entries will be judged by a panel of professional writers and the prize is US$500 cash plus the opportunity to be published in the next Literary Taxidermy anthology. There is an entry fee of US$10. Entries close Sunday 26 September 12pm PDT (Monday 27 September 8am NZDT). For the full details and to enter, visit