Lunchtime Event - Word to the Wise by Mark Broatch

12:00 pm
12:45 pm
Unity Books
57 Willis Street

-About the book-
A useful, playful reference to clear up language misuse and mix-ups to help any writer get their word use straight. Even the best wordsmiths can find themselves tripping over words that are commonly misused, mixed up or misspelled. Most of us have suffered the embarrassment of suddenly discovering that they have been using or spelling a word wrong for years, or, in some cases, their entire life.

This useful reference untangles the mix-ups and misuses of language so that you can ensure you’ve got the word you’re looking for, whether it’s ‘taught’, ‘taut’, ‘tort’ or ‘torte’. With definitions, examples of how to sharpen up text and improve your writing, lists of useful social media abbreviations and a discussion of unusual plurals, this playful look at the often bizarre and frustrating English language has got you covered. Word to the Wise will help you get your word use straight, whether you’re writing a book, blog, email or text message.

-About the author-
Mark Broatch is a journalist, critic and author, and an unashamed language nerd. After gaining an MA (Hons) in English Literature and Linguistics at one of New Zealand’s top universities he went on to be a senior editor and chief subeditor at three national publications.