Magpies in Our Back Yard

18:00 pm
19:00 pm
Paisley Stage
17 Carlyle Street

Bestselling authors Mark Sweet (The History Speech), Catherine Robertson (Gabriel’s Bay) and Cristina Sanders (Jerningham) chat about how they create vibrant characters from observing the people and scenes around them. Their latest novels offer a glimpse into the writer’s magpie life of gathering personalities, places, words and styles and merging them into consistently fascinating, recognisable characters that thrill, induce tears and provoke laughter. Cristina Sanders is an historical fiction writer and winner of the Storylines Tessa Duder award. Mark Sweet (Ngā Māhanga, Titahi, Taranaki) is the author of two novels, 'Zhu Mao' and 'The History Speech'. Catherine Robertson has published six bestselling novels and is a respected book critic. Book here