Memories, Reliable and Otherwise An Online Writers Practice Workshop

10:00 am
12:00 pm
An online version of Gigi Fenster’s popular two-day writing workshop for writers of all genres. ‘I don’t remember anything,’ my 85 year old mother said to me recently. ‘I might as well not have lived.’ Our memories give us our identity. They define who we are and how we behave in the world. And they impact deeply on our writing. Whether we are writing fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, we bring our histories and our memories to the work. But, as EB White says, ‘Real life is only one kind of life – there is also the life of the imagination’. In this two day workshop we’ll explore how our memories are triggered, how we mould and manipulate them, and how this impacts on our writing. We’ll look at how writers have used their memories, made up memories, incorporated collective memory into their work. We will do exercises designed to trigger our own memories, and to use these in developing pieces of writing. And we will use our imaginations to fill in the gaps in memories or to simply make up new ones. Over the two weeks we will develop, workshop and share pieces of writing.