Myth and Imagination in Creative Writing - 8 week course

17:30 pm
17:30 pm
CEC at Wellington High School

Join us for a fun and productive creative writing course that focuses on myth and imagination, beginning on February 12.

Suitable for writers of all levels of ability and ambition, whether writing flash fiction, short stories or novels. We’ll look at myths, creation stories and fairy tales and examine how to use the archetypal characters and magical elements from within them to create intriguing fictional worlds. What would you do if you met Cinderella begging for kindling outside a supermarket? What would an ocean god want to say to surfers and fishers? What if you could invent a whole fictional world that was run by talking mice?

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Jess Richards is a Scottish author who has recently moved to New Zealand. Jess has written three celebrated novels: Snake Ropes, Cooking with Bones and City of Circles (all published by Sceptre.)

See more of her work here.

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