Only A Few Years From Now | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

13:30 pm
14:30 pm
Suter Theatre
208 Bridge Street

Octavia Cade, Kirsten McDougall and Clare Moleta discuss their extraordinary female protagonists living in a time of cataclysmic change.

Find out how these three authors use the climate crisis to drive the action in their stories when they set their stories in the future, with novels that span contemporary fiction to speculative fiction to science fiction.

From out in space, to somewhere that could be Australia, to Aotearoa in the near future, when the arrival of thousands of ‘wealthugee’ settlers is having disastrous consequences, all three authors have used the climate crisis to drive the action in their stories.

In The Stone Wētā and The Impossible Resurrection of Grief Octavia Cade asks, ‘How far would you go to save the world’? In Unsheltered, Clare Moleta asks, ‘How far will Li go to save her daughter?’ and in She’s a Killer, Kirsten McDougall asks, 'What happens when we refuse to face our most demanding problems?' Chaired by Rachael Craw.

Thanks to Paper Road Press, Victoria University Press and HarperCollins