Poetry Slam at Your Place

19:30 pm
22:00 pm
Online - Zoom and Facebook Live

We are back at Your Place for another LIVE, ONLINE POETRY SLAM! (Slammer sign ups now open, post on the event wall or msg Your Place Events) - this event is hosted in New Zealand so make sure to check your timezone!

Viewing details will be posted closer to the time of the event on the Facebook page.


Or just sign up to our mailing list and the whole thing is made much easier http://eepurl.com/gWDYub Also viewable on Facebook Live - at Your Place Events - https://www.facebook.com/YourPlaceEvents/ - but that is a passive viewing area and will mean you cannot interact or judge Note: This is a caring community and we have vigilant moderators at Your Place Events - so anyone being intentionally disrespectful or offensive will be removed, banned and reported immediately.

For those that don’t know: poetry slams are LIVE POETRY COMPETITIONS! And they are SUPER engaging and AWESOME!

Now before you go, “ooooh but you can’t judge art!”… I agree – it is very difficult to give objective rules with which to hierarchically place one “art” above another “art” but subjectively we do it all the time (not that, that makes us right, mind) through submissions, grant applications, whether you buy something or not, and of course, just actual competitions… we are constantly judging art – again, not that, that makes our opinions right – all we do here is make it a bit more exciting, interactive and fun! PLUS we get to hear a whole load of FABULOUS POETRY at the same time! Normally, at slams in physical venues, five judges are selected randomly from the audience and they give scores out of ten for each poet’s performance. But as this is online - we are going to do it a bit differently – EVERYONE will be a judge!

Now don’t panic, it’ll be completely anonymous and you don’t HAVE to! But this is the part where you should remember: it is, first and foremost, for the pure joy of sharing poetry and, as we already mentioned: everyone involved understands that this isn’t a scientific process – sometimes the poetry gods will disagree with our decisions but we are just mere, feeble humans trying to have a good time. So relax and join in.

As with all Your Place Events – entry is "pay-what-you-can-afford" because finances should not be a barrier to accessing art however if artists can’t afford to create that art then it becomes quite a large barrier to anyone accessing it - so if you can afford it, DO - it is not only SUPER appreciated but ABSOLUTELY necessary. Donation links are posted during the event.

If you really can’t afford anything, then there are plenty of non-financial ways to support - sharing the event, telling a friend, liking and writing a recommendation on the Your Place Events page. If you can afford to donate then please do; you will be covering someone who can’t afford to and enabling Your Place Events to keep putting on shows like this. LOVE!