Poetry Slam at Your Place feat. Rebeca Cooney - Online Event

19:30 pm
22:00 pm
Online - Zoom and Facebook Live
This time with a 20 minute set from UK poet, journalist and multiple slam champ (including Your Place Grand Slam Finalist): Rebecca Cooney Note: You can also watch on Facebook Live, but won’t be able to interact as much - https://www.facebook.com/YourPlaceEvents Also note: Your Place is an intentional safe, accessible space where hate speech and offensive language and images will not be tolerated - and will be immediately met with a ban from our moderators. For those that aren't familiar with Rebecca Cooney's work, her bio reads exactly like this: Rebecca Cooney is a journalist and performance poet whose poetry explores themes of feminism, home, mental illness, folklore and empire. She is fascinated by the collision of the magical and the domestic, and the power that storytelling and human connection have to heal, liberate and transform. She was a Hammer & Tongue National Slam 2018 finalist and is a two-time winner of the Hammer & Tongue Cambridge Poetry Slam, Farrago Slam and Genesis Slam. She has also won the Poetry At Your Place Slam and featured at Boomerang, Spoken Word London, That’s What She Said and Hammer & Tongue Cambridge. Rebecca’s poems have been published in the Spoken Word London Anti-Hate Anthology, The Dear Damsels Annual 2018 and the anthology Let Me Know When You’re Home. Her poem ‘This Is How to Forget Your History’ was longlisted for the 2020 Outspoken Poetry Prize. She is the producer and co-host of Dead Darlings, a monthly podcast dedicated to spoken word poetry and the community that comes with it (available wherever you get your podcasts). Expect shape shifting women, dementia wolves and beard appreciation. ............................................................................................................. As always, this event at Your Place is pay-what-you-can-afford, because finances should not be a barrier to art. HOWEVER if people do not honour that trust-system then this event becomes unsustainable and cannot continue so if you can afford it, please do – the money goes towards paying our artists and keeping this whole thing up and running. And if you cannot afford anything, still come along and enjoy the poetry with my blessing (though do please help us out by sharing the event and getting some other folks along – that’d be amazing!) – we believe in human kindness at Your Place, so hopefully someone who can afford it will pay a bit more and cover you ☺.