Rainbow Writing Competition

12:00 pm
21:00 pm
Online - http://www.outontheshelves.insideout.org.nz/rainbow-writing-competition/

This year we will be running a rainbow writing competition as part of our campaign!

To get involved, submit a piece of writing that features a rainbow experience. That could mean focussing the piece on a rainbow character or exploring rainbow themes… as long as there is a strong link to the rainbow community, then your writing will be eligible to enter!

We’ll be accepting poems of any length and flash fiction of 1000 words or less*. Multiple entries are more than welcome.

Entry age groups are: “Under 16” and “16-24”.

Winners from each age group will win a $50 book voucher thanks to The Women’s Bookshop!

Shortlisted writing will be featured in our 2020 rainbow zine and we’ll also be featuring selected stories and poems on our site.

Promote the competition at your school and library by downloading a poster.

Submission Guidelines Entries should be typed up in a Word document. Title your document with your name and the title of the story.

When sending the document to us, please make sure you have included your name, your age and the word count (if submitting flash fiction).

Entries open on 01 July and close on 30 August at midnight.

Send your entries to outontheshelves@insideout.org.nz.