Stretch Yourself Writers' Retreat

17:00 pm
11:00 am
2321 Takaka-Collingwood Hwy,
Collingwood 7073

This retreat is an opportunity to leave behind the familiarity of the mundane, and stretch and connect with your own body and life force, so that you can tap into a much deeper well of creative inspiration and move much faster into a 'flow' state when writing. It's also a chance to put inspiration into practice and learn how to polish what you have written -editing can be as much fun as writing and the time when magic often happens.

The workshops will suit both beginners and those who have writing experience but want to stretch themselves and experiment with new forms. If you've always wanted to write a story, but haven't known where to start, or haven't had either the time or confidence to get the words on the page, this retreat will help you ignite your passion and keep it aflame. Who wants to get to the end of their life and say, 'If only...'?

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