The Habit of Art

10:00 am
15:30 pm
Waikanae Baptist Church
Te Moana Road

Fiction writer Flannery O’Connor worked for years as a cartoonist. She suggested that disciplines outside literature can help our writing. ‘Anything that helps you to see,’ she said. ‘Anything that makes you look’. We’d like to extend O’Connor’s idea to, ‘Anything that makes you look or listen or touch or taste or smell.’ In this one-day workshop we’ll be exploring what working in one art form (visual art) will bring to another (writing). This workshop, co-taught by writer Pip Adam and visual artist Rebekah Rasmussen, is an opportunity to make visual art and then write. Rebekah says, ‘In our house we draw on our bodies and paint with our fingers. We use colours. Red. Blue. Yellow. And we mix. Sometimes there is more water than there is paint. It gets messy. But we use sponges and paper to soak it all up. This is how we play. It’s spontaneous, exploratory, sensory and fun. In this workshop we will be children again. Feeling and making through the use of hands. We will squish, smear, mold and explore different materials (associated with kids craft’s or activity’s). Through playful enquiry we will observe how different materials behave and can determine the various shapes/forms we construct. And discover how the process of letting go and having fun might inform or inhibit specific outcomes. Caught between the throws of trial and error at any given moment, art like motherhood, like life, can’t be summed up into one final statement. They are a resolution of sorts, of what works and what doesn’t. They are a work in progress.’ After making and playing we will sit together and write prompted by the experience.