The Mirror Book | PukapukaTalks (Nelson Arts Festival)

13:30 pm
14:30 pm
Suter Theatre
208 Bridge Street

A deep-dive discussion with Charlotte Grimshaw about her explosive new memoir, facilitated by filmmaker and fellow memoirist Miro Bilbrough.

Charlotte Grimshaw is the acclaimed author of 10 works of fiction and is the 2021 Voyager Media Awards Reviewer of the Year. Following its April 2021 release, the literary world has been abuzz about her revelatory ‘memoir of the year’, The Mirror Book.

Charlotte grew up in her famous literary family with the mantra, ‘It’s material, make a story out of it’. But when her life suddenly turned upside-down, she needed to re-examine the reality of that material. The more she delved into her memories, the more the real characters in her life seemed to object.

Miro Bilbrough, who also grew up in a 'literary family' of sorts, will guide the discussion as Grimshaw reveals the truth of ‘a whole life lived in fiction’.

Thanks to Penguin Books NZ