The Quick and The Dead

18:30 pm
20:00 pm
Hamilton City Council Reception Lounge
Enter via Civic Square

Hamilton Book Month The quick and the dead
Free event

Dr Cynric Temple-Camp is one of New Zealand’s leading pathologists. Over the years he has worked on many famous and private cases, the more extraordinary of which were profiled in his #1 bestselling book The Cause of Death.

Cynric says people imagine the job of a pathologist is only to crudely carve up the dead, but it’s not entirely true. They spend much of their time investigating, diagnosing and helping the ‘quick’, as the Bible calls people who are alive.

His 2020 book The Quick and The Dead leads the reader into a world of disease and death as he seeks answers for those who were unlucky, and those still alive to tell the tale.

Scott Bainbridge is one of NZs foremost true crime authors. His early books on missing persons led to several cold cases being reopened and the acclaimed TVNZ series The Missing. In his third book Shot in the Dark, Scott accessed old murder files to examine unsolved NZ murders of the Jazz Age, dispelling decades-old myths and uncovering hidden truths. Scott is writing a series of books of Auckland Noir, covering organised crime in Auckland in the 1950s and 60s, including The Bassett Road Machine Gun Murders, which was released on the 50th anniversary of that historic crime. The first follow-up, The Great NZ Robbery about the Waterfront Payroll Robbery of 1956 was a finalist in last year's Ngaio Marsh Awards for True Crime. He returned to covering missing persons in his sixth book, The Missing Files, released in 2018. This year he deviated away from crime and wrote NZ Mysteries covering NZs most interesting, unexplained and bizarre mysteries such as UFOs, ghosts and panther sightings.

Scott has written and presented several television documentaries relating to crime and is currently working on several TV projects and historical crime books.

Join Scott Bainbridge and Cynric Temple-Camp as they talk death, murder and mystery with chair Nick Clothier. This event is supported by Poppies Bookstore with books for sale and signing.