Tracing Lapses: Queer Zine Workshop

13:00 pm
15:00 pm
Ellen Melville Center, 2 Freyberg Place
Zine culture arose from the advent of the photocopier and the spirit of anarcho-punk and DIY culture. Artist collective bttm methodology (val smith and Richard Orjis) will run a free workshop that explores this dynamic, low-fi, low-cost mode of publication. Assembling text, marks, image or movements together, the provocation ‘tracing lapses’ will be used to generate individual or collaborative creative responses in a relaxed, enjoyable and open-ended way. Poetry, prose, fragmented thought, found and recorded imagery, movement, collage and drawing will all be invited and welcome. The final zine will be scanned and made available free online. This event is part of the 2022 Auckland Pride Festival. See the full programme at