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2021 Janet Frame Memorial Lecture by Tessa Duder NZCM OBE

The New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi o Aotearoa is delighted to announce that Tessa Duder CNZM OBE is the NZSA 2021-2022 President of Honour. This prestigious honour is bestowed on a senior writer and long-serving NZSA member in recognition of their contribution to writing and writers and the literary arts sector in Aotearoa.Each year, The NZSA President of Honour delivers the prestigious annual NZSA Janet Frame Memorial Lecture – an event that comments on the literary sector. This year’s event will be held at Old Government House, Auckland University, October 5.

Going West Festival - Fabricated Reality

The third Going West Live event again features concurrent sessions across two venues. This time, we explore fictional realities: the novel, drama, film, short stories and more. Writers, musicians and other artists will bring texts alive through performance and improvisation, oratory and kōrero. Expect conversations and readings with powerhouse writers and multimedia sessions with award-winning non-fiction writers.

Bookshop Day 2021

Support your favourite place to buy books by visiting on New Zealand Bookshop Day!

Painting over the Photo – Fiction in a real life landscape. Writers Practice Workshop with Sue Orr.

Register Now for this two day Writers Practice workshop in Kāpiti

Join Wellington novelist Sue Orr for this two-day workshop, exploring ways in which fiction can be grafted onto the canvas of non-fictional life to create exciting contemporary narrative. Writers will engage with each other to kickstart their fiction, then turn to the real world for inspiration allowing the work take flight.

This course is for both novice and experienced fiction writers keen to experiment with writing fiction against a real life landscape.

You will be writing a fictional scene based on another person’s profound experience, then developing that scene by grafting it on to a true-life landscape. You will leave the second workshop with the solid beginning of a unique fictional story set against a real, recognisable landscape – ready for you to develop further into either short or long form story.

Limit of 12 participants. Please fill out this form to apply for a scholarship

If we are unable to meet in person due to raised alert levels, then this workshop will be offered online.

The Great Write Inn

The Great Write Inn is a weekend for writers of all genres.

Ignite your passion as a story teller and celebrate the Edwardian Era. 36 Writers will get exclusive access to explore Olveston Historic Home. Then choose a Room, a Character and an Object. Be inspired to create a unique story.

Created by writers for writers, featuring Catherine Chidgey, Diane Brown, Emily Writes, Fiona Farrell, Amy Scott, Fiona Cole, Emma Neale, Beverly Martens and other special guests.

Info and tickets:

Kickstarter: Get that story out of your head and onto the page! (Online Writers Practice Workshop)

Register Now on our website:

Do you have a story you’re burning to tell but don’t know how to tackle it? Whether fiction, memoir or narrative based non-fiction, you’ll learn how to centre a story around a point of view character, tying plot, character and theme together to create a unified whole.

Day One will be all about exploring structure, character and voice through writing exercises.

Day Two will workshop the ideas developed in Day One, and provide the steps needed to carry the project forwards to a successful conclusion.

Limit of 12 participants. Apply for limited scholarships at our website.

Cost: $120

Pure Psychic Automatism | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

A writing workshop to help you embrace the strange and describe the indescribable, led by writer and taonga pūoro practitioner Ruby Solly (Kāi Tahu, Waitaha, Kāti Māmoe).

The Mirror Book | PukapukaTalks (Nelson Arts Festival)

A deep-dive discussion with Charlotte Grimshaw about her explosive new memoir, facilitated by filmmaker and fellow memoirist Miro Bilbrough.

Connections & Cultural Obsessions | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Who gets noticed? Who gets ignored? Pip Adam and Jacqueline Bublitz discuss their compelling and provocative novels, which defy fiction tropes.

Navigating Time & Space | PukapukaTalks (Nelson Arts Festival)

From the peaks of the Southern Alps to the darkest reaches of the universe, Nic Low and Annette Lees guide us through their journeys of discovery.

Whaiora: Reimagining Wellbeing | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

In this kaupapa Māori kōrero facilitated by Olivia Hall, four wāhine – Ruby Solly, Hinemoa Elder, Hana Tapiata and Kerensa Johnston – share their wisdom about wellbeing.

Only A Few Years From Now | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Octavia Cade, Kirsten McDougall and Clare Moleta discuss their extraordinary female protagonists living in a time of cataclysmic change.

The Mansfield Legacy | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Airini Beautrais and Charlotte Grimshaw have both won awards for their short story collections. Hear from them about the attractions and challenges of the format.

The Crucial Decade | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Kim Hill invites Jason Boberg, Mike Joy, Dave Lowe and Kera O’Regan to explain why there’s still hope we can respond to the climate crisis.
In her introduction to the new anthology, Climate Aotearoa: What’s happening and what we can do about it, Rt Hon Helen Clark reflects that while governments and businesses around the world have been forced to act in response to Covid-19, why isn’t the same true in the case of the climate crisis?

Beyond the Headlines | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Crime writer Alan Carter interrogates Steve Braunias and Jared Savage, two of Aotearoa's best journalists, about their new true crime books.

Asian Voices in Aotearoa | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Hear from three contributors to the new anthology, A Clear Dawn: New Asian Voices From Aotearoa New Zealand: Angelique Kasmara, Rose Lu and Chris Tse.

Wāhine Wahapū

Former NZ Poet Laureate Selina Tusitala Marsh shares the stage with two of Aoteaora’s most extraordinary young poets – Ruby Solly and Tayi Tibble – as they perform poems from their latest collections.

Once Were Hippies | PukapukaTalks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Steve Braunias speaks with Miro Bilbrough about her memoir, In The Time of the Manaroans, which he declared on Newsroom the ‘best written book of non-fiction of 2020’.

Out Here in Whakatū | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Join Chris Tse, Ruby Solly and AJ Fitzwater to celebrate the breadth and diversity within Aotearoa’s rainbow literary community.

Sisters Are Doing It | Pukapuka Talks (Nelson Arts Festival)

Local food writer Nicola Galloway chats to Margo and Rosa Flanagan (AKA ‘Two Raw Sisters’) about their new cookbook, Salad.

New Zealand Young Writers Festival 2021

Free four day literary festival designed to free your mind through workshops, performances, panels and more.