Imagine a world without books. Imagine a world without the story.

Our history is full of stories, oral, written and drawn. Stories are a way to communicate, to learn, to grow. When we tell stories, we connect. When we read, we imagine. When we draw, we create.

We believe in a world where we connect with others, imagine and dream, and express ourselves through the power of the story to communicate, learn and grow.

Can you imagine your life without these things?

For some, this is the reality. We know it certainly is for 40% of adults who lack the level of literacy to enjoy a story with their child. But with your support, together we can help bring life back to stories told and memories shared.


We want all children and adults in Aotearoa to read for pleasure, and all Kiwis to read more. Join us in our mission to improve the lives of all Kiwis by growing a nation of readers.

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