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Mason, Paul


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Paul Mason is a prolific children’s author of over 100 stories and novels. He was born in London, but has travelled all over the world, often using his varied travel experiences as inspiration for his stories. His stories have been published by Bloomsbury, Pearson, Macmillan, and Lift Education, and appear in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. In 2014 his story Thirst won the Inaugural School Journal Short Story Competition, and in 2016 his story Life in the Desert was a finalist for the Language Learner Literature Awards. He has published six novels: Factor Four: The Awakening (2013), Factor Four: Tiger, Tiger (2013), The Twins, the Ghost and the Castle (2013; 2014 Portsmouth Book Award finalist), The Twins and the Wild Ghost Chase (2016), Skate Monkey: Fear Mountain (2017) and Skate Monkey: The Cursed Village (2017). Mason lives on Waiheke Island.


Mason, Paul (1970 -) is a children’s author of over 100 stories and novels. Born in London, Mason has lived and travelled extensively throughout the world, including growing up in Thailand, Pakistan and India. He currently lives on Waiheke Island with his wife and their two children.

Mason completed his Bachelor of Arts at Skidmore College in the United States, and went on to study a Master of Science at the London School of Economics in 1993. In 1998 Mason moved to New Zealand in the hope of opening a restaurant here after many years working as a restaurant manager in London. He worked at Mudbrick Restaurant and became a partner at Vino Vino, both in Oneroa, before he decided to become a teacher in 2002. He has since worked at Ponsonby Intermediate, Te Huruhi School and Waiheke Primary School.

While teaching at Waiheke Primary School, Mason noticed that the School Journal was calling for stories set in other parts of the world. Submitting a story based in Pakistan, Mason’s The Fortune Teller was accepted and was the catalyst for Mason as a long-standing publishing collaboration with Lift Education. In 2014 Mason’s story Thirst won the Inaugural School Journal Short Story Competition.

Mason has published stories with numerous educational and children’s journals both in New Zealand and overseas. These include Bloomsbury, Scholastic Australia, McGraw-Hill Education, Nelson Education (US), Pearson, and Macmillan (Australia and UK). Mason’s English language learner text, Life in the Desert, was a finalist in the 2016 Language Learner Literature Awards.

As a primary school teacher Mason wished to inspire children to enjoy reading, and to see themselves as writers with their own special story to tell. His own inspiration to write stems from the same place: he hopes that one of his stories will be that special inspiration for someone. Environmental awareness is also a theme that returns often in Mason’s writing. Some of his stories are now being used by Auckland University to encourage new teachers to include sustainability in their classrooms, including his short story "Kahawai" (School Journal).

Global Education’s Connectors series, which Mason contributes to, was in 2015 voted Copyright Licensing New Zealand’s ‘Best Resource in Primary’ and ‘Best Resource for Export.’ The judges commended the series ‘for its use of stories and contexts that engage a diverse range of students, and challenge their thinking.’

Mason’s story Bob and Roger was published in 30 Stories for NZ Children (Random House)and his play script Sports Day at Mount Olympus Primary was published by Poggle Press.

Mason is the author of four novels published with A & C Black (an imprint of Bloomsbury). Factor Four: The Awakening (2013) and Factor Four: Tiger, Tiger (2013) tell the tale of four friends who are given elemental superpowers – and have to take on new identities as superheroes. The Twins, the Ghost and the Castle was published in 2013 after a family trip to Walmer Castle in Kent, where the book is now sold in the castle shop. The Twins, the Ghost and The Castle was shortlisted for the 2014 Portsmouth Book Awards, one of only four finalist short novels in a competition judged by English school children. The Twins and the Wild Ghost Chase, was published in 2016.

Mason’s most recent publications are the duo Skate Monkey: Fear Mountain (Bloomsbury Education, 2017) and Skate Monkey: The Cursed Village (Bloomsbury Education, 2017).

Regular updates can be found through Mason’s website and blog.

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