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Reviewed by Amelia Mackenzie
Opening sentence
An action-packed story with extras, reviewed by Amelia Mackenzie
February 13, 2023

Flying Furballs: Take-Off! is an amazing action-packed comic filled with fun and creative characters that will make you laugh. It is a large format full-colour collection of stories and fun facts, filled with maps, character bios, code crackers, puzzles, how-tos on drawing Flying Furball characters and heaps of other fun activities and diagrams.

Take-Off! is a short but exciting story in which a great war is underway. Cats and dogs once lived together in peace. That was before a pack calling themselves DOGZ (Dog Obedience Governed Zone) took over the kingdoms of Central Europe. As the invading DOGZ army advances on Paris, The Cat Allied Troops (CATs) have gathered from every corner of the katdom to try save Europe from going to the DOGZ. Claude is a new recruit and is desperate to join the fight and finally get in a plane again like he used to with his dad. But how long will he survive?

There’s also a hilarious stand-alone excerpt from Major Tom's autobiography High as a Kite. Crammed with illustrations, hilarious antics, hair-raising aerobatic action and amazing facts and diagrams, Take-Off! is everything you'd expect from a Bixley book, and a fun introduction to the world of Flying Furballs.

The characters in this book are quirky and fun, each with their own unique personality. My favourite Character was Major Tom. I liked his additional story in the book and it was really funny and had me on the edge of my seat, reading with anticipation and excitement. I felt like I was there with him on his journey.

The one downside of this book for me was that it was quite short, I mean, it was good that it didn't drag on but I was a bit disappointed when I finished it because I wanted to keep reading it.

This book had me grinning with the clever puns and jokes, and it was interesting to learn new things with the fun little diagrams, facts and technical drawings. I really liked the puzzles, codes and games it included.

Overall I found this book really entertaining. It was a fun, easy-to-read comic with amazing illustrations. I enjoyed it and would definitely encourage others to read it.

- Amelia is 12 and lives in Whakatane.
Author & Illustrator: Donovan Bixley
Publisher: Upstart Press