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  • Where’s your events calendar?

    Our Events Calendar was not included in our recent website refresh. If you would like our help in promoting your literary event, feel free to tag us on social media or email We'd also recommend you reach out to the team at Kete Books.

  • I’m an author. How do I have a Writers’ File published?

    We try to add ten new files to our website each year. To be considered among next year’s additions, please email us for an application form.

  • I’m an author. How do I join Writers in Schools?

    Please apply to be part of our Writers in Schools programme by contacting You don't have to have a Writers File to be part of our Writers in Schools programme; we're largely driven by school demand when it comes to bringing on new authors.

  • I’ve just published a book. What should I do next?

    Congratulations! Our friends at the New Zealand Society of Authors do excellent work to support writers. We recommend joining their wonderful organisation. Here is some more advice.The Coalition for Books also offers useful resources for authors, including a Publicists Directory.

  • Can you review my new book?

    As a rule, we don’t review books unless they are for young readers. If it’s a children’s book suitable for a school library, feel free to send us a copy for consideration in our School Library programme. If it’s suitable for readers aged 12-19, please send us a copy for Hooked on NZ Books He Ao Ano. Otherwise, you could try contacting Kete Books.

  • I’d like to contact an author on your site, but I don’t have their details.

    We don’t give out author contact details, but in most cases, we can pass on emails directly to authors so feel free to email for help.

  • How will people benefit from my donation?

    Your donation will assist us in delivering programmes directly engaging communities with writers and books, such as Writers in Schools, Writers in Communities, Writers in Youth Justice, and Hooked on NZ Books. Visit our programmes page to learn more about the impact of these initiatives.

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes, as we're a registered charity. We can provide you with a donation receipt on request.

  • Can I amend my monthly donation?

    Yes. Please contact to help with this process.

  • Can I donate over the phone?

    Yes. You can call us on +64 04 801-5546 to make a donation over the phone.