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Reviewed by Finley Rowe
Opening sentence
An informative but fun way to learn about our plastic problem, reviewed by Finley Rowe
July 5, 2022

Have you ever wondered about the effect plastic has on Planet Earth? About the plastic age and how we got here? The ways we can change our earth for the better, and help our climate?

You’ll find answers to those questions and more in Des Hunt's new book on plastics, what they do, and the science behind it, in a readable but informative way.

Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling is split into easily readable sections that each explain parts of the process of recycling. From our problems to our future this book explains everything you need to know about plastics.

One thing I love about Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling is that it explains the science behind our greenhouse gases, our landfills, our recycling system and many other things!

I am fascinated by science, and Inside Bubble Earth really breaks down the problems faced by our planet, right down to the molecular structures. Hunt’s writing style is perfect for teaching us the history of plastics as well, since he writes in a fun, informative but not overloading manner.

Hunt used to be a science and technology teacher and this book really showcases his skills. He finishes with “A good starting point to rethinking the way we humans do things could be this: the rest of the organisms on Earth can survive without us, but we can’t survive without them.” I find this meaningful and impactful, as it shows how much humans rely on our planet yet we do so little to help it.

Hunt uses pictures to help get his story across. The abundance of them shows different processes in action, and cycle diagrams help to explain what's going on. I like how most of them are set in New Zealand because I can connect to them better.

I found this book really interesting and loved the way Hunt wrote it. I think many people out there will learn a lot and benefit from his words. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to help save the world but also know the science behind how they are helping.

- Finley lives in Dunedin
Author & Illustrator: Des Hunt
Publisher: OneTree House