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15 June 2023

School Library giveaways galore!

To be in to win any of these fabulous titles, just email with the book's title in the subject line and your name and postal address in the email body.


A shout-out to Aotearoa's lesser-known creatures. 
Jean Donaldson
Potton & Burton

This book is a shout-out to the weird and wonderful endangered species in Aotearoa, those lesser-known creatures that don’t regularly make the news. But they are just as important as the ‘stars’ like kākāpō and kiwi, for they are the foundation of our unique biodiversity. Tiaki includes such exotic animals as the Smeagol gravel maggot, a sea slug found on the south coast of Wellington; the moko kākāriki, a gecko with a bright blue mouth; the kōwaro/Canterbury mudfish, which can survive out of water for up to several months; and the tiny, critically endangered pekapeka-tou-roa/ long-tailed bat. Written and beautifully illustrated by Jean Donaldson, this is a highly original and inspiring book aimed at intermediate-age children and teenagers.

Email us to win a copy of Tiaki.

This is ADHD

An interactive and informative guide.
Chanelle Moriah
Allen & Unwin

An essential guide to understanding Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder — commonly known as ADHD — for people with ADHD and their families, friends and workmates.

Chanelle Moriah was officially diagnosed with ADHD at 22, and soon discovered just how inaccessible a lot of information can be for ADHD adults and those who may not yet have been able to obtain an assessment or supports.

Chanelle has created a simple resource that explains what ADHD is and how it can impact the different areas of someone's life.This is ADHD is a tool for both diagnosed and undiagnosed people with ADHD to explain or make sense of their experiences. It also offers non-ADHD people the chance to learn more about ADHD from someone who has it.

With clear sections explaining the many aspects of ADHD, accompanied by Chanelle's beautiful illustrations, and with space for readers to write down their thoughts, this book is designed to be personalised to the individual's experience.

This is ADHD helps people feel less alone in their ADHD and brings knowledge to an often-misunderstood condition.

Email us to win a copy of This is ADHD.

Around and About Aotearoa

Dave Gunson
Bateman Books

Who built New Zealand’s first car? Or our first aeroplane? Where was our first bread baked? Ever wondered which pie is Aotearoa’s favourite? Or our favourite ice cream? Which lake could swallow the Auckland Sky Tower with plenty of room to spare? Where’s our longest bridge? Or our shortest river? What does koru actually mean?

Author and illustrator Dave Gunson has embarked on a wacky and eye-opening tiki tour around Aotearoa New Zealand past and present, and has found the answers to all these and other equally fascinating and important questions.

Email us to win a copy of Around and About Aotearoa.

Besties Work It Out

By Kayla Miller and Jeffrey Canino. Illustrated by Kristina Luu.
Walker Books

A fun and fresh graphic novel series spin-off of the New York Times bestselling 'Click' series, featuring aspiring entrepreneurs Beth and Chanda!

When the girls land a lucrative dogsitting gig, they're sure that fame, fortune and popularity can't be far behind, but nothing can prepare them for the mishap that throws their business plan – and friendship – into chaos!

Meet Beth and Chanda, two stylish best friends on their way to building their fashion empire! An unexpected business opportunity presents itself when the girls are asked to dogsit at Ms Langford's luxurious house while she’s away, but it quickly turns into a disaster after an accident leaves one of Ms Langford’s prized possessions in pieces! Now Beth and Chanda have to take on as many odd jobs as they can in order to afford a replacement. Car washing, book sales, interior decorating – you name it, Beth and Chanda are there! Will they be able to patch up their mistake in time?

Email us to win a copy of Besties Work It Out.

Jungle Jazz

By Jo van Dam, illustrated by Deborah Hinde
PictureBook Publishing

Jazz sounds drift through the trees deep in the South American jungle. Creatures wriggle, shake and swing to the beat of the drums. Snake really wants to be part of the band but he has no thumbs to thrum or strum. He can't even hum or bang on a drum! Snake tires of watching The Dung Beatles having fun every evening, jazzing and jiving and having a ball, so he decides to do something about it. What happens next is the unfolding of a hilarious tale of finding that 'hidden talent', that special something that you're unknowingly good at. Jungle Jazz is a warm and humorous story about friendship, about working together to find a solution to what appears to be impossible. Gorgeously illustrated, the lush jungle foliage and deep warm tones used in the illustrations are a perfect backdrop for the band and the animals. The back cover flap reveals a surprise board game of Snakes and Ladders, perfect for kids to practice their counting and arithmetic.

Email us to be in to win a copy of Jungle Jazz.

Duck Goes Meow

Juliette MacIver & Carla Martell

Woof! says Dog. Moo! says Cow. Cluck! says Hen, and Duck Goes ... meow. A little yellow duckling is amongst animal friends who are all sure of the sounds they make: hiss, neigh, moo, cheep, cluck and oink. But when Duck goes ‘meow’, the other animals say no, that is wrong, try again ... then Duck’s mama arrives, and boy, do they get a surprise!

Email us to win a copy of Duck Goes Meow


By Angela Walker, illustrated by Ross Hamilton
Bateman Books

All Max wants is a friend who is just like him. So, he’s excited when Jun and his family move in next door. But when Jun sneezes, he says ‘HAKUSHON!’ – a very different sound to the ‘AH CHOO!’ that Max makes. So, Max picks up a fluffy feather and makes his way through the playground, looking for a friend who sounds just like him when they sneeze. But Fleur from France says ATCHOUM! Misha from Russia says APCHKI! Laura from Norway says ATSJO! And so on! After searching high and low, Max decides that sneezes must be like people – different, but the same. And that perhaps friends can be different but the same too.

Email us to win a copy of Ah-choo!