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21 December 2023

School Library: Holiday Giveaways

To be in to win any of these fabulous titles, just email with the book's title in the subject line and your name and postal address in the email body.

The Observologist

A Handbook for Mounting Very Small Scientific Expeditions
Giselle Clarkson
Gecko Press

An observologist is someone who makes scientific expeditions every day, albeit very small ones. An observologist knows that there are fascinating things to be found in even the most ordinary places. This is a playful field guide for natural scientists and curious observers of the world right under our noses.


Sacha Cotter & Josh Morgan

All Farmer wants is for Pig to oink, just like a good pig should. 
But pig has other ideas.
Outlandish, rhyming, dancing, grooving, totally dazzling ideas, to be precise.
And it's driving Farmer round the bend!

At The Bach

Joy Cowley
Gecko Press

Creaky old bed with rumpled sheet, sunburned skin and sandy feet...
This simple poem by internationally renowned Joy Cowley transports the reader to a childhood summer with language that asks to be read over and over. Hilary Jean Tapper’s warm watercolour and ink illustrations add an inclusive cast of extended family, friends and children of different ages.

Wot Knot You Got?

Selina Tusitala Marsh
Auckland University Press

What do you do if nothing is right - not at home, at school, anywhere?' 'What if people don't like me?' 'What if your own ideas stink?' 'How do I hug my dad?' One morning, Selina wakes up with a twisting, tangling, knotty problem. It takes over everyone and everything - work, kids, life, the lot. How can she get out of a knot this tight? Then she remembers: kids write to her all the time - they ask some of life's toughest questions. Can she help them through their knots?