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27 March 2024

School Library: Term One giveaways

To be in to win any of these fabulous titles, just email with the book's title in the subject line and your name and postal address in the email body.


James Foley
Fremantle Press

Sally Tinker is the world's foremost inventor under the age of twelve, and she just knows she can build a better brother than the messy, smelly version she has. Sally's invention - Brobot - is fantastic...until the remote breaks and Brobot careens out of control. Sally realises that maybe there's more to a sibling than just inconveniences.

E Oma Rāpeti

Treasure Hunt, Cake Bake, and The Swimming Hole
 Norah Wilson, Kimberly Andrews and Pānia Papa

A set of three bilingual books in which an adventuresome rabbit promotes the use of te reo Māori. "Each story is fun to read aloud – with a terrific use of rhythm and repetition. What transforms these books, beyond playful stories and useful language tools, are Kimberly Andrews’ sublime illustrations." - Paula Green, Poetry Box

Keep Your Pants On

Nicki Esler Gill & Daron Parton

Yes, you have to wear your pants! We don’t want a nudie dance! That’s not the place to feel a breeze...Keep your pants on, please! A playful book to help young readers make positive choices!

Beatrice Hill Tinsley: Queen of the Cosmos

Maria Gill and Alistair Hughes
Upstart Press

Queen of the Cosmos, Beatrice Hill Tinsley lived every day as if she was on borrowed time.

Over her short time on Earth, she was determined to further the world’s knowledge of the stars and galaxies. But it was not easy being a female scientist in those times. She would have to make a heartbreaking decision in order to follow her destiny.

Find out about this extraordinary woman, who became one of New Zealand’s greatest scientists in Queen of the Cosmos: Beatrice Hill Tinsley.

Fast, Slow. Let's Go!

Sally Sutton & Brian Lovelock
Walker Books

Borrowing from the childhood perennial and favourite song 'This is the way ...', a happy group of children scoot, bike, bus, swing, sail, run and ride their way across town to join a birthday surprise.

The Hidden Hat

Phil Cummings & Jennifer Goldsmith

While playing hide-and-seek at Grandpa’s house, Lucy and Mitch find a hat, hidden away in a deep, dark corner. It’s Grandpa’s hat, filled with memories. In this moving story of rediscovery, truth and mateship, a hidden hat stirs memories of a grandfather’s days serving in Vietnam.