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We have over 200 of Aotearoa’s best novelists, journalists, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, essayists, storytellers and illustrators available to inspire your students either in person or by video call. Authors accepting in-person visits are all fully vaccinated. We can book as many author visits as your school would like and can subsidise the cost of the first Writers in Schools visit for members each year. School membership costs $90 and the price of a second or subsequent author visit starts at $330.

If you would like a virtual author visit please click "Video call" in response to "What would you like them to do?" (and leave "Where is your school" blank). This will give a list of authors to choose from as usual.

If you would like to request a particular author but can't see them on the list, please just type their name or any other message into the "Date exceptions" box (we'll know what you mean).

Any questions? Check out our frequently asked questions page.

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