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Reviewed by Nat Lagah, Year 6-8 Teacher/Team Leader, South Makirikiri School, Rangitikei
Opening sentence
Thoughts are not facts, they are just words in my head.
Aroha's Choice is the latest book in the incredible Aroha's Way series. It introduces the concept of neural pathways to children in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. This book encourages children to reconsider what thoughts they attach themselves to - the thoughts they want as lasting in their heads and those that are better to let go of.

I've read this book to a senior classroom (Year 6-8) as part of our study into the brain and growth mindset. I highly recommend it to other teachers with children of similar ages, as a lead in to an important conversation around building positive mindsets and protecting the mental health of tweens and teens.
Author & Illustrator: Rebekah Lipp, Craig Phillips
Publisher: Wildling Books LTD
ISBN: 9781738599509
Format: Paperback
Publication: October 2023
Ages: 5+ years
Themes: Emotions, wellbeing, self-confidence, growth mindset