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Reviewed by Carola Crawford
Opening sentence
Waves crash and dance onto the beach…The lifeguard team marches to their station…
Bursting with life, this book is a great celebration of our beaches with all the colours and sounds of Summer. It also celebrates the wonderful organisation that is Surf Lifesaving NZ and the brave volunteers that save many people’s lives. The littlest lifeguard is an enthusiastic member of the squad and their humorous antics trying to keep up with the others is the basis of the story.

Children will enjoy the humour and joining in with the refrain: “Across the sand, under the sun, wanting to help, the littlest one.” I think parents and teachers need to point out that while it has a positive theme, this is just a story and someone that young would never be allowed to get in the way of the lifeguards – it would be very dangerous to have such a small person running around unsupervised.
Author & Illustrator: Vanessa Hatley-Owen, Lisa Allen
Publisher: Upstart Press
ISBN: 978776940011
Format: Paperback
Publication: 2024
Ages: Preschool and early primary
Themes: Helping, role of small children