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Dreyer, Victoria
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Victoria Dreyer

Dreyer, Victoria
In brief
V. L. Dreyer is a science fiction author who specialises in post-apocalyptic survival and dabbles in romance and YA on the side. Her most well-known series, The Survivors, is set in New Zealand in the wake of a deadly virus, as the survivors strive to rebuild and recover. She also runs The Cheeky Kea Charitable Trust, a small local charity dedicated to helping the disabled into self-employment.
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V L Dreyer (1983 – ) is an independent novelist who specialises in science fiction and other speculative fiction.

She has been a full time author since 2012, and has run a publishing house since 2017. She also runs a charity dedicated to helping who can't work due to disability, age, or socio-economic disadvantage into self-employment, including writing. She is personally significantly disabled, and has made it her life's work to prove that being disabled doesn't have to take away all of your opportunities or leave you helpless to the whims of fate.

Victoria is based in the Waikato, where her most popular series, The Survivors, is also set. The Survivors (2013–2018) is a series of post-apocalyptic science fiction novels and novellas set against the backdrop of a New Zealand ravaged by a deadly virus. According to her, the series is “… a bit apocalyptic, a bit dystopian, a bit science-fiction, a bit zombie horror, but above all else it is a love story”. Her most recent release, The Survivors Enigma, is a novella in this series. There are currently four novels and two novellas in the series.

She also writes The Imortelle series (2014 – ), under the name Abigail Hawk. There are two currently published novels, with at least four more planned.

She is also currently in the process of writing several young adult science fiction novels.


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