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Hayes, Kelvin
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Kelvin Hayes

Hayes, Kelvin
In brief
Kelvin Hayes works across a number of writing forms, including poetry, short fiction, and travelogue memoir. His volumes include A Lyrical Oasis (1997), Notate (2000) and Terminal Wanderlust (2014). 'Kelvin Hayes' poetry stems from his peripatetic life,' writes Dann Chinn in a review on the Collective website. He goes on to say that Hayes’ ‘poems go beyond meditations on landscape and travelling and express much more of a concern with engaging with other people... or failing to do so.'
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Hayes, Kelvin (1970 - ) was born in Wales and lived in New Zealand between 1973-1983, 2001-2002 and 2010-2011. He is a self-described 'musically inclined poet', issuing small volumes (Mezzanine Smile) as teasers for the fuller books (Notate). He also curated the RE:COVERED History of NZ Music covers which was online during 2004. One of the three chapters making up Year Amid Winter details his time in Auckland.

His New Zealand specific poems include: "The Blue Room", "Napier 1982", "Solaire" and "Legacy of the Bay".

More recently Hayes' travelogue, Year Amid Winter, was released as a series of blog posts from January to July 2012; Terminal Wanderlust was released in 2014; and Night Music in 2015.

Hayes is a New Zealand citizen currently living in Guangzhou, China, where he teaches English.