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Todd (Todd Maguire), Cynthia
Writer's File

Cynthia Todd (Todd Maguire)

Todd (Todd Maguire), Cynthia
In brief
Cynthia Todd is a children’s writer who has published both fiction and non-fiction. Her writing has appeared in children’s educational magazine School Journal, in addition to being broadcast on radio and on television. Her books for children include, The Technology Trolley (1994), and a number of her stories for children have been included in anthologies. Cynthia Todd is available for school visits as part of the Book Council21q12s Writers in Schools programme.


Todd, Cynthia (1945 - ) (Cynthia Todd Maguire) is a children's writer. Her non-fiction work often presents women and children speaking in their own voices and telling their own stories.

Fiction and non-fiction stories have appeared in the School Journal, on Radio New Zealand and on TV3's KidsTV.

Todd's two titles for children are a picture book, The Technological Trolley (1994) and a junior novel, Cobweb House (1996).

'Adventurous children will love this story about children having a race on their homemade trolleys,' writes Marlene Burgess in Kindergarten Kids. 'This story quickly became a favourite in our house for its pace.'

The Dorothy Butler Bookshop newsletter describes Cobweb House as 'A bit of fun nonsense for the newly established young reader involving a house of spiders who have to scamper for safety when a family of spider-unfriendly people shift into their territory.'

Mere: Ghost Investigator was published in 30 NZ Stories for NZ Children (2002) edited by Barbara Else.

The Day the Water Tank Ran Dry appeared in Weird and Wonderful (2003), a collection of New Zealand stories for children, also edited by Barbara Else.

'Time out' is an interview with 'Caitlin' (not her real name) who describes what it is like to stay at a Refuge for victims of Domestic Violence. 'Time Out' appeared in Learning Media's School Journal Part Four, May, 2004.


Cynthia Todd is available for school visits as part of the Book Council's Writers in Schools programme.