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Tulloch, Scott
Writer's File

Scott Tulloch

Otago - Ōtākou
Tulloch, Scott
In brief
Scott Tulloch is an illustrator and children’s book author. Since releasing his first book Willy's Dad in 2007, Tulloch has written and illustrated many titles for children, including The Silly Goat Gruff and I Am Not A Worm!. Tulloch has illustrated books for writers such as Craig Smith (author of The Wonky Donkey), providing art for My Daddy Ate an Apple and Square Eyes. Tulloch's book I Am Not A Worm was a finalist in both the Best Picture Book and Children's Choice Award categories at the NZCYA Book Awards 2015. I Am Not A Worm was also a Storylines Notable Book, as were two further titles illustrated by Tulloch - The Naughty Kids' Book of Nature, written by Des Hunt, and Tom and the Dragon, written by Juliette MacIver.


Tulloch, Scott (1966 - ) is an artist, illustrator and author.

Scott Tulloch was born and raised in Wellington and completed a Bachelor of Science at Victoria University.

His first book Willy’s Dad (HarperCollins NZ, 2007) is a tale about the relationship between a toddler and his father, and specifically, its role reversal. John McIntyre described it as having, ‘great visual gags… and a delightfully touching ending’ on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon programme. Willy’s Dad was shortlisted for the BPANZ Book Design Awards 2008 in the Children’s Book section. It was also a finalist for the Russell Clark Award for Illustration in the LIANZA Children’s Book Awards.

The exploits of Willy’s family was further explored in the subsequent HarperCollins titles, Willy’s Mum (2008), Willy’s Grandpa (2009), and Moose on the Loose (2013).

Tulloch has illustrated many titles for other authors, including Echo and Hush and The Naughtiest Puppy by V.M. Jones (HarperCollins, 2008 and 2009); Young MacDonald Had A Farm by Anna Crosbie (HarperCollins, 2010); The Naughty Kids’ Book of Nature by Des Hunt (HarperCollins, 2010); Tom and The Dragon by Juliette MacIver (Scholastic, 2011); On the Road to Tuapeka by Ben Brown (Scholastic, 2011);Wooden Arms by Sarah Johnston (Scholastic, 2012); and How Does The Giraffe Get To Work? by Chris Llewllyn (Scholastic, 2014).

Of these, both The Naughty Kids' Book of Nature and Tom and the Dragon were listed as Storylines Notable Books in their corresponding years.

Since 2013 Tulloch has been the illustrator for new titles by Craig Smith, author of The Wonky Donkey.

In 2014, Tulloch wrote and illustrated the children’s picture book I Am Not a Worm!, which went on to win a Storylines Notable Book Award in 2015. The book was a finalist in the NZCYA Book Awards 2015, in both the Best Picture Book and Children’s Choice sections. I Am Not a Worm! was also a finalist for the Russell Clark Illustration Award for 2015.

Tulloch’s illustrations accompany Christopher Llewelyn’s text in the children’s book Tyranno-Sort-of Rex (2015), and in the same year he collaborated with writer Brett Avison in illustrating Hippo Lives in Havelock (November 2015).

Scott Tulloch is currently living in Central Otago.

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    December 2023