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01 March 2024

Hot off the press: March giveaways

To be in to win any of these fabulous titles, just email with the book's title in the subject line and your name and postal address in the email body.


Kate Evans
Moa Press

Inspired by a personal obsession with this singular exotic fruit, Feijoa is a sweeping, global tale about the dance between people and plants - how we need each other, how we change each other, and the surprising ways certain species make their way into our imaginations, our stomachs, and our hearts.

Max Gunn's Pay Book.

Graham Lindsay
99% Press

Meticulously researched, authentically told, poetically rendered Graham Lindsay brings us the story of Max Gunn, a thoughtful and idealistic youth, who leaves New Zealand in 1940 to fight fascism in Europe. His experiences there over the next five years will shadow him for the rest of his life. Lindsay's careful attention detail brings the past to life. We feel like we can taste the broth 'that a turnip has swum through,' hear the songs of the soldiers, and feel the prick of the robinia's thorns.

The Missing Piece

Julie Legg

When Julie Legg was diagnosed with ADHD at age 52, suddenly her life made sense. Bringing together her own experience along with research studies and personal stories from other Kiwi women with ADHD, this book is a go-to reference no matter where you are in your journey.

It covers the different presentations of ADHD, understanding how the brain works, why girls are underdiagnosed, traits and triggers, the value of an assessment, choosing (or not) medication, freeing yourself from shame, and tips for living and thriving with ADHD.

Hatch and Match

Ruth Paul
Walker Books

A search-and-match adventure with patterns, colours and number fun from the award-winning author and illustrator, Ruth Paul. Cluck, cluck, cluck. Scritch and scratch. Chickens look for eggs that match. Help the chickens look for their eggs - quickly before they hatch into chicks! There's lots to find. Some with spots, stripes and even zigzags.

The Easter Bunny Hunt

Stacy Gregg
HarperCollins NZ

Knock-knock! Who’s at the door? Join Cat and Dog as they await the arrival of one special Easter visitor in this hilarious illustrated picture book.

Easter is here! But where are the eggs? Join Cat and Dog as they search for a much-awaited Easter visitor!

When Dog’s descriptions of the Easter Bunny leave a few imaginative gaps for Cat to fill in, they soon find their home full of many other long-eared, fluffy-tailed creatures who are more than ready to enjoy the celebrations…

Full of seasonal silliness and springtime charm, this hilarious story will have cat and dog lovers barking with laughter!