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Reviewed by Elaine Wills
Opening sentence
Anzac Ted's a scary bear and I can tell you why.
'Anzac Ted' is a simple rhyming text that tells a very important story in a sensitive way. Here is a bear that sits on the bed looking worn and dilapidated, not the sort of toy to win prizes. But he is a toy who has travelled and been a support to Grandpa Jack during the war. Anzac Ted is a silent hero.

Reissued for its 10th anniversary, 'Anzac Ted' has stood the test of time. It is a restrained introduction to the ANZACs that is appropriate for young audiences. It opens up the opportunity for further discussions that can be tailored for different ages. Following the story there is a brief explanation about the ANZACs to support this.

The book is beautifully presented with two distinct colour palettes, depicting wartime and present time. The bear itself is delightful albeit scarred and dirtied, the illustrations of war constrained.

This book is a treasure for each home, classroom and library and should not be left sitting on the shelf just for ANZAC day.
Author & Illustrator: Belinda Landsberry
Publisher: EK Books
ISBN: 9781922539755
Format: Hardback
Publication: 2024
Ages: 4+
Themes: War