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Reviewed by Angela Thompson
Opening sentence
Chugga tugga tugboat, chugging out to sea, can't you, won't you, play with me?
'Chugga Tugga Tugboat' is a lovely simple rhyming book for early primary and preschool tamariki.

The boys in my class loved all the different kinds of boats and ways of travelling on water, especially the construction barge and the fire barge. The repetition makes it an easy read for younger children and the illustrations are bright and colourful.

We used ideas to design our own boats and had great discussion about what each boat was used for and if we had ever seen one. This is a great read aloud for younger students.
Author & Illustrator: Sally Sutton, Sarah Wilkins
Publisher: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9781761047169
Format: Paperback
Publication: 2024
Ages: Pre-school
Themes: Boats, water, rhyme