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Reviewed by Elaine Wills, Library Manager, Enner Glynn School, Nelson
Opening sentence
When Alfred went to get his eye checked, the optometrist stared. Then he tried not to stare.
Alfred needs new glasses but there is a problem, Alfred is a cyclops. The glasses shops Alfred goes to have only glasses for two-eyed people. Will Alfred find a solution? Are there any glasses to fit a one-eyed boy?

This story presents an opportunity to look at accepting peoples’ differences and to celebrate wearing glasses. I love the selection process Alfred undertakes, and the moment when he finally finds some glasses that fit. I love the emotional journey shared and the interesting characters and signs. The illustrations add a whole extra dimension. Lovely pastel colours and clean lines, but what is hiding in them is the biggest surprise. While you are reading you may not appreciate the relevance of mermaids and dragons, but on completion of the story you will find an ‘I Spy’ page and it all makes sense. Time to go back and spy all those characters!

I am recommending this book for 3–6 year olds, as there is some great vocabulary and potential for conversation around differences and acceptance.
Author & Illustrator: Illustrator: Lily Uivel
Publisher: Little Love
ISBN: 978-1-99-117982-1
Format: Paperback
Publication: April 2023
Ages: 3–6
Themes: Acceptance